Action! The Re-Re-Relaunch of Steve Gabe

November 27, 2022 Tom Kranz Season 3 Episode 14
Action! The Re-Re-Relaunch of Steve Gabe
Show Notes

For a life so packed with creative ventures, work, music and acting, it's hard to know where to begin telling Steve Gabe's story. So, I started out with music and his colorful past as a singer, songwriter, drummer and guitarist. Life as a blues and rock musician was his passion. Along the way, there was acting school, a stint as a stand-up at Gotham Comedy Club and Caroline's and, oh yes, his career as an attorney. He had to make a living, right?

The acting bug got its due when he studied at HB Studio in New York, then again just as COVID was ebbing when he auditioned and was chosen for the role of Daddy Murphy in the Summit Playhouse production of Bright Star. That led to other opportunities including  a significant role in an industrial film. He's hoping more acting comes his way. Meanwhile, he's still a practicing entertainment attorney and has a podcast called Live from the Vault where he tells stories of his brushes with greatness and plays music he wrote, performed or just plain loves.

Join us for a fast 30 minutes with Steve Gabe who at age 65 is re-re-relaunching himself one more time!
Steve's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevegabe
Steve's YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@stevegabe

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